It was the summer of 2001, and we were on tour in England with the Brigham Young University Folk Dancers. We made up half of the back-up musicians, plus one of the folk dancers. With a few minutes to spare in the ladies' dressing room, we pulled out our instruments and started jamming, and Silver City Pink was born. We named ourselves after a lovely shade of Revlon lipstick.

Combining vibrant renditions of traditional bluegrass tunes with refreshing jazz melodies and original heartrending love songs, we're not quite sure what to call our musical style. But we hope you'll enjoy it!

We are: Lisa Blaser (lead vocals), Catherine Larsen (harmony vocals, guitar, and piano), Amber Crowley (fiddle), Kim Dubois (mandolin and fiddle), and Stacey Davis (bass).


Silver City Pink

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Heaven Came Through

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